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The Benefits of Cloud-Based HRMS Software: Why it's Time to Make the Switch

Updated: May 15

If your HR department is still doing things manually, you know how time-consuming and mistakes-prone it can be. When discrepancies arise, it can take even more time to correct them, which can cause delays in completing other important HR tasks. There’s also the matter of ensuring compliance with changing policies, labour laws, rates, taxation formats, and timely tax filings. Plus, manual processes can create an extra workload for your HR team, which can lead to delays or mistakes that can cause dissatisfaction and potential frustration in your other employees.

But your HR department does not have to keep suffering. Make the switch from manual to automated systems to help your HR team do well and improve employee engagement. This means moving from an on-premise platform to a cloud-based HRMS software solution.

Why go cloud-based?

HRMS software does all the work of cloud payroll software in Singapore on top of other critical HR tasks, like claims and leave management, attendance tracking, rostering, and appraisal. Cloud-based software also ensures convenient access anytime and anywhere from any mobile device. As such, it lets your HR department work more flexibly, even remotely.

Easy to use

The best HRMS software solutions have a user-friendly mobile app to streamline HR management anytime and anywhere. They also allow you to switch to fully paperless submission processes, especially when they let employees manage claims, view payslips, track attendance, or file leaves in just a few taps. Additionally, some platforms allow employees to access project files or upload reports.

Keeps everyone up-to-date in real time

Cloud payroll software in Singapore keeps users updated with relevant matters through push notifications. Moreover, it simplifies syncing information from modules, such as Attendance with Payroll and HRMS, for more convenience.

Help your HR team work more conveniently.

Cloud-based HRMS software increases your HR department’s versatility by making it possible to deliver digital payslips, automatically file taxes, and intelligently calculate payroll, SDL, FUND, and CPF based on employee records.

Try it out!

Request a demo of our HRMS software and discover the benefits of switching to cloud payroll software in Singapore. Adaptive Pay is easy to use with all the powerful tools you need for HR management, and it’s available at a fixed price, without surprise costs.

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