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Attendance tracking and rostering
without a fuss

A time attendance system in Singapore that lets you track attendance and roster easier than ever.
Get 1 year of free subscription to our all-in-one cloud HRMS

Valid for only a limited period of time

As the PSG support level has dropped from 70% to 50% from 1st April 2023.  Businesses can get only a 50% grant hence in order to help Singapore businesses save costs during this recession and reduced-support levels, we are offering a 1-year free subscription to our all-in-one cloud HRMS/Payroll software to Singapore businesses.

Don't miss out

Key Features

Our attendance management software offers all of the cutting-edge features you need.

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Easy Clocking In and Out
  • Our e-attendance system offers multiple methods of attendance-taking, including a mobile app, web app, and biometric hardware.

  • View schedule & take attendance anytime, anywhere on our mobile app.

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Precise Geolocation & Geofencing
  • Locate employees accurately using GPS and geolocation features on our attendance management system app.

  • Use QR codes to mark attendance at designated facilities. GPS is enabled at the same time to ensure the user isn’t faking attendance.

  • Geofencing allows employees to clock attendance only from pre-approved locations set by the employer.

Selfie and Face ID
  • Our in-built facial recognition is powered by Microsoft Azure for a seamless and highly secured user experience. This state-of-the-art facial recognition technology ensures the security and privacy of your company’s data.

  • Employees can take a selfie of themselves and the background to mark attendance.

Customised Rules for Your Business’s Needs
  • Grace-time calculations, late reporting or early leaving auto deductions, multiple overtime setups, multiple shifts and more can also be set as needed with customisable rules.

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Integrated and Automatic Calculations
  • Automatic overtime, public holidays, off-day calculation, and even leave creation can be integrated and automated in our electronic attendance system.

  • Data like overtime hours, public holidays, off-days, and leaves for absentees can be integrated into the Payroll module.

Easy Rostering Features
  • Send reminders to employees about shift changes and timing in advance.

  • The app allows employers to set up and configure multiple overtime schedules for multiple groups of employees.

  • Employers can configure multiple shifts as needed.

Generate Reports with One Click

View data at a glance with easy report generation.

Choose from reports such as employee attendance reports, overtime reports, daily attendance reports, timesheet summaries and more.

Enjoy multiple attendance-taking modes
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Mobile App

A time attendance system truly available anytime, anywhere for convenient personnel management

Web app
Web App

User-friendly and designed to simplify your attendance system while also giving you high customisability

Biometric Hardware

Face recognition and other advanced biometrics enable the latest in attendance tech while using synchronisation with devices so attendance is instantly reflected

Simplify your business’s attendance and tracking
For employees

Clock in easily even outside of the office


Use face recognition and biometrics for verification


Use geofencing to prove that you’re where you need to be

For managers and HR teams

Collect attendance data seamlessly and conveniently

Get better and more accurate attendance reporting 

Automate calculations and attendance rules in the system

Enjoy one-click report generation of employee attendance reports, overtime reports, timesheet summaries and more

The all-in-one solution for your attendance tracking needs
Book a demo of the leading mobile attendance system in Singapore for your business today!
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