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Manage claims easier than ever

Free up valuable resources with our fully configurable and automated e-claim management system. Paperless and mobile-ready, it’s the claim system every modern workplace needs.
Get 1 year of free subscription to our all-in-one cloud HRMS

Valid for only a limited period of time

As the PSG support level has dropped from 70% to 50% from 1st April 2023.  Businesses can get only a 50% grant hence in order to help Singapore businesses save costs during this recession and reduced-support levels, we are offering a 1-year free subscription to our all-in-one cloud HRMS/Payroll software to Singapore businesses.

Don't miss out

Features of our online expense claim system

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Easy and Customisable Claim Policy Setup
  • Configure unlimited claims policies in our e-claims software depending on your business needs. 

  • Set a cap for easy management, as well as multiple approval workflows of up to 5 levels.

Simple Claim Process for Employees and Managers
  • Submit claims directly through the mobile app of our claims management system software. 

  • A paperless solution that lets users capture and upload photos of supporting documents directly via the app. 

  • Get real-time status updates and notifications, while managers can export full claim expense reports in a flash.

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Convenient Claims Management Support Features
  • Use an online expense claim system that supports multiple currencies for businesses with international team members. 

  • Track claims by project through project expense support and see detailed claim records for travel, medical and other expenses. 

  • Export claims data to accounting software as well through third-party accounting app integration.

Generate Reports with One Click

 View data at a glance with easy report generation.


​Choose from reports such as claim summaries, overview of claim details by project and more.

Improve your business with Adaptive Pay’s claim management system

Enjoy a highly customisable, easy-to-use system that allows paperless submission and approval of claims.

Submit claims anytime, anywhere for remote working setups and on-the-go submissions, with support added even for multiple currencies if your team crosses state borders.

Let managers generate claim reports anytime and anywhere for an easy view of expenses and access to historic data.

Let our HR and claim management system do the work for you
Book a demo of the leading HRMS in Singapore for your own business!
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