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Make appraisals more effective

Strengthen your analysis of your resources’ strengths and weaknesses with Adaptive Pay. Our appraisal system offers customisable templates and workflows, streamlined processes, infinite questionnaires, and more. 
As the PSG support level has dropped from 70% to 50% from 1st April 2023.  Businesses can get only a 50% grant hence in order to help Singapore businesses save costs during this recession and reduced-support levels, we are offering 50% off on our Annual subscription fee to our all-in-one cloud HRMS/Payroll software to Singapore businesses.

Don't miss out

Pay only 50% of the Annual subscription fee every year !!!

* offer valid for only a limited time

Features of our e-appraisal system

Easy Workflow Setup or Configuration for Managers and HR
  • Simplify your setup with a bank of pre-populated templates and unlimited questionnaires. 

  • Let employees complete self-assessment directly via the e-appraisal system’s mobile or web apps.

  • Get instant submission and status updates for managers and HR to track and review.

Full Customisation to Suit Team or Business Needs
  • Set up the precise workflow you want on appraisal management software that supports multiple workflows for different teams. 

  • Customise base templates, use different templates per team, and even arrange multi-tiered workflows.

Improved Transparency and Better Communication between Employees and Managers
  • Use an appraisal system that allows easy tracking of employee objectives. 

  • Promote transparency and simplify manager-employee communication for more effective team performance.

More Efficient Appraisal Processes and Reports

Generate integrated progress reports at the individual or team level through our online appraisal system.

Get clear overviews of team performance, data-driven employee development and more.

Position yourself better when planning your next steps for employee training.

Improve your business with Adaptive Pay’s
e-appraisal system

Track employee progress, areas of improvement, and other key metrics more accurately than ever. 

Collate data and get reports that you can digest at a glance, which helps management make key decisions on matters like training and development, pay raises, promotions, and more.

Encourage a transparent mode of communication between managers and their teams through feedback tracking for easy review. You can get a stronger, more effective team by reducing misunderstanding and confusion.

Make your appraisal system more effective – Adaptive Pay
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