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Decoding Annual Leave Eligibility and Entitlement: A Comprehensive Guide for Employers and Employees in Singapore

Annual leave entitlements are a valuable benefit for both employees and employers in Singapore. Employees can improve their health and well-being through these provisions, while their companies can benefit from increased productivity, engagement, and retention.


Employees in Singapore are granted various types of leave to ensure their well-being and to give them time to attend to personal and family needs. These include:


  • Annual leave

  • Sick leave

  • Maternity leave

  • Paternity leave

  • Other leave types


In this guide, we help you understand these entitlements and how to manage them through leave management systems and leave apps.


Annual leave eligibility and entitlement


Singaporean employees start with a basic entitlement of seven days of annual leave. This entitlement increases with tenure: 14 days after one year and an additional day for each subsequent year, capping at 22 days.


The Employment Act stipulates these minimums for those earning less than SGD 2,600/month. Meanwhile, those who earn a monthly salary above SGD 2,600/month (and are not manual labourers) are eligible for annual leave as stipulated in their employment contract, freely established between them and their employer.


It's important to note that even a half-day leave counts as a full day. Annual leave credits may also be forfeited in cases of misconduct or excessive unauthorised absence.


In practice, many Singaporean companies offer around 14 days of leave entitlements per year, surpassing the legal minimum.


Sick leave eligibility and entitlement


Employers in Singapore must provide at least 14 days of sick leave annually. The entitlement varies based on the length of service, with fewer days for those employed for less than six months.


Statutory requirements for those earning below SGD 2,600/month include up to 60 days of hospitalisation leave, contingent on the employee's tenure. A medical certificate from a recognised medical practitioner is necessary to file a sick leave.


Maternity leave eligibility and entitlement


Female employees in Singapore are entitled to 16 weeks of paid maternity leave if they have been employed for at least 90 days. They can commence their maternity leave at any point during pregnancy, given a month's notice to the employer.


Paternity leave eligibility and entitlement


Similarly, eligible male employees are entitled to two weeks of paid paternity leave, which can be taken within 16 weeks of the child's birth or adoption.


Other leave types


Beyond the standard leave types, employees in Singapore may also be eligible for compassionate, hospital, and study leave, subject to their specific employment contracts and company policies.


If you’re an employee:


You have the right to understand and manage your leave entitlements effectively. You can advocate for efficient leave management systems or leave apps that allow you to apply for leave, attach supporting documents, and receive updates on your leave status.


If you’re an employer:


Non-compliance with leave entitlement regulations can result in fines and penalties. As an employer, you need to develop a clear leave policy, track and inform employees of their leave balances, process leave requests promptly, and ensure full salary and benefits during leave periods. Using a leave management system or leave app can simplify this process.


Try Adaptive Pay’s leave management system.


Adaptive Pay’s comprehensive leave management system simplifies leave processing with customisable workflows, remote applications, and integration with payroll and attendance modules.


In a nutshell, our app allows employees to apply for leave and attach necessary documents through a mobile app or web browser. Managers can approve leave requests, which are then automatically updated in the attendance and payroll modules. The app also provides employees with real-time updates on their leave status and balances.


Here are the key features of our leave management software:


  • Automatic integration - Seamlessly connect leave records with payroll and attendance.

  • 360-degree resource view - Allows managers to generate reports and manage staffing effectively.

  • Customisable leave workflows - Tailor leave entitlements, approval levels, and carry-forward rules.

  • Leave management accessibility - Offers remote leave application and approval, complete with instant notifications.

  •  We invite you to explore this tool and discover how it can transform your approach to managing leave entitlements in Singapore.


Book a demo with us today to experience the convenience and efficiency of our leave management system and leave app.

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